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Transforming Customer Experience

The Convergence of Social, Mobile and Business Process Management To stay ahead in todays rapidly changing business environment, organizations need agile business processes that allow them to adapt quickly to evolving markets, customer needs, policies, regulations, and business models. The convergence of a trio of technologies and business practices - social computing, mobile computing and business process management (BPM) – is opening up interesting avenues for business.

Next Generation Service Integration Platform

Proliferation of mobile devices, data explosion, and cloud enablement has caused a dramatic shift in IT. Organizations need to rethink their application infrastructures to accommodate increased processing speeds, heightened security and availability concerns for their applications, all while meeting lower ed total cost of ownership. Traditional infrastructures may not be sufficient to accommodate the diversity and complexity of integrations in this new era. Oracle SOA Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud & Oracle Exadata Database Machine is fine - tuned all the way from the hardware to the application layer, specifically for SOA to deliver on performance, business agility, lowered total cost of ownership and faster time to market, to become the next generation IT platform. Together these solutions provide complete and best - of - breed solutions for running and integrating high performance, mission critical applications.

Forrester Consulting Study: The Move is on to Open Source Integration Software

A tight and uncertain economic climate has prompted organizations to seek out low-cost yet effective ways to meet their needs for application and data integration. Forrester's research, commissioned on behalf of Red Hat, indicates that a growing number of enterprises across all industries are now considering, piloting, or deploying open-source integration solutions. This paper explores some relevant data on the adoption drivers, pain points, and usage trends related to the use of open source integration technology.

A blueprint for the intelligent, integrated enterprise

For IT to support an organization's business challenges today, it must provide the infrastructure, applications, and data services needed to make intelligent business decisions quickly. This whitepaper discusses the comprehensive integration required—across an organization’s entire value chain—that drives transformation to the intelligent, integrated enterprise.

Rapid, cost-effective deployment of data services in a service-oriented architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA), and particularly its most common implementation as web services, represents the latest stage of evolution in application architecture for the enterprise. Service-oriented architectures are enabling organizations to increase their agility in the face of change, improve operating efficiency, and reduce the cost of doing business—often significantly. In spite of these advances, many organizations with significant investments in data collection and storage technologies still struggle with how best to embrace and deploy the new architecture in a way that leverages data assets. This whitepaper discusses the numerous challenges faced by both large companies and federal agencies seeking to embrace SOA, and details a metadata-driven, model-based approach to addressing them.

Orchestration-Driven Development (ODD) - Nothing Odd About it!

The World of Agile IT and Stakeholder Management

Multi Channel Enterprises - A Road to Redemption

Avoiding the Accidental SOA Cloud Architecture

Prior to the hybrid cloud, IT determined how an enterprise infrastructure grew. With the introduction of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), lines of business, such as marketing, sales and logistics, can expand the enterprise infrastructure without involving IT by directly purchasing SaaS. Beware of the “accidental SOA cloud architecture.”

BPM, SOA, and Web 2.0: Business Transformation or Train Wreck?

The challenges faced by today’s government agencies and commercial operations are many and varied—and to stay afloat, these organizations must not only promote change from within, but they must also be agile enough to quickly adapt to evolving markets, policies, regulations, and business models. Fortunately for them, the convergence of a trio of technologies and business practices—business process management (BPM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), and Web 2.0—is providing a solution.

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