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The BPMInstitute.org Training and Certification Program was recently recognized by Forrester Research as a category leader in providing professionals online and in-person training, and professional certification. This makes BPMInstitute.org the natural choice for proven BPM professionals to demonstrate the knowledge they have - or those new to BPM to gain the knowledge they need to succeed with a BPM certification.

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How do you know if you are ready?

BPM certification requires expertise in many areas. Those who will successfully pass the exam will have approximately three to four years of Business Process Management experience and can demonstrate expertise in each area of the BPM certification coverage map. Take the BPM Skills Self-Assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses across six critical Practice Areas.

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Getting started

1   BPM Skills Self-Assessment
  Identify your strengths and weaknesses with this self-assessment.
2   Review Study Materials
  Review the key Practice Areas covered in the exam and the study materials.
3   Fill the Gaps
  Take any training you feel you need.

You are not required to take training from BPMInstitute.org in order to take our BPM Certification Exam.

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4   Register for the Exam
  Certify your knowledge - stand out from the crowd

Take the exam online from BPMInstitute.org.

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Schedule your exam on a day and time that is convenient for you. The integrity of your online exam and BPM Certification is ensured by the assistance of a live proctor.

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Study materials and references include:

  • Process Improvement books
  • Articles, webcasts white papers
  • Industry standard specifications
  • Select Process Frameworks
  • Individual Skills Self-Assessment
  • Learning Paths for Prof Dev

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