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BPM Group: Things to know about ISO 17025 Certification

ISO 17025 Certification can be a laboratory accreditation system, which requires common list of ISO 17025 documents and it also won't specify "how" to perform, but only states "what" to perform. Depending on the normal, the ISO 17025 laboratory documentation system must be documented and more
Authored by: ashly kristan |  Originally published on January 7 2014 | 0 total posts

BDM Group: Why You Need an ISO 9001 Documentation And Certification

Worldwide, several organizations large and small rely enormously on ISO 9001 to help them so that with global high quality product expectations. ISO 9001 will be the common standard for working world-class organization procedures and quality management methods. Hundreds and maybe thousands of more
Authored by: Kristan Ashly |  Originally published on January 6 2014 | 0 total posts

BPM Group: Open source scanning solution

As part of BPM / SOA based solution for a customer we are evaluating solutions for scanning the documents. Kofax or Ephesoft solution is typically used. Customer wants to know is there any open source solution in this space? Customer is considering Alfresco for document management needs which more
Authored by: Naishadh Sevalia |  Originally published on September 18 2013 | 0 total posts

BPM Group: Big Data and BPM

What "big data" problems are being solved with BPM and what challenges exist when applying BPM to "big data" issues?read more
most recent post
posted 29 weeks 3 days ago
Most simple one: The behavior observation for all employees even customers collected through BPM system helps us understand the performance of certain more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on July 17 2013 | 0 total posts

BPM Group: Migration to new platform

We are currently using a version of WebLogic BPM (10gr3). When WebLogic was purchased by Oracle, their bpm directions are leading to an unsupported product without a good migration path. We are evaluating other BPM solutions, but are very concerned about our "in-flight" processes. With more
most recent post
posted 42 weeks 2 days ago
I did a migration between 2 BPM products before, many years ago, in a very similar situation as you described. The target software at that time was Fujitsu I-BPM, which happened have sets more
Authored by: Ed Ross |  Originally published on May 29 2013 | 1 total posts

BA Group: BPMN and Business Architecture Modeling special report

Has anyone read this paper yet? What are youur thoughts? As a certified BPMN modeler, who is trying to learn the ropes of the BA world, I welcome the idea of having one modeling language that takes care of value streams and process modeling. I hope the OMG is listening and will consider Mr. more
most recent post
posted 1 year 6 weeks ago
I've recently purchased and used a BPMN 2.0 add-in to MS Visio 2010 Professional. I'm a BA and a process modeler and have found this combination very flexible to do what I it to do. You could more
Authored by: Rob Harrington |  Originally published on December 13 2012 | 2 total posts

BPM Group: BPM Skills Self-Assessment Tool

I'd like to know if the tool described on your site is available. I have a team of process managers who have had little, if any, formal training. I'd like to create a baseline to determine the current knowledge level. I believe the name of the tool is the "BPM Skills Self-Assessment Tool" - more
most recent post
posted 5 weeks 12 hours ago
Hi Linda - Here's a link to the BPM Self Assessment Tool you're looking for: We recently updated the tool, and have received a lot more
Authored by: Linda Harbach |  Originally published on September 25 2012 | 1 total posts

BPM Group: Process evaluation framework / template

Hi all, Our organization is gearing up to do a process evaluation initiative. As a foundation for putting together an evaluation tool, I thought a good place to start might be to see if there are there any recommended frameworks or templates for evaluating processes in a comprehensive manner more
most recent post
posted 1 year 49 weeks ago
Hello Derek, Would you clarify a couple things for me? By "evaluation tool" do you mean a process evauation approach? teaches these approaches in its training classes. Do you more
Authored by: Derek Hughson |  Originally published on May 1 2012 | 11 total posts

BA Group: Feedback on Business Architecture Body of Knowledge is highly supportive of the Body of Knowledge work currently underway by the Business Architecture Guild. Although the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge will be a work in progress in the short-term - we're interested in your feedback. Share your thoughts, suggestions more
most recent post
posted 1 year 19 weeks ago
How can i have a copy of this table of contents?read more
Authored by: Gregg Rock |  Originally published on March 8 2012 | 1 total posts

BA Group: Capability Model Examples

Is there a robust and detailed example or case study of a “capability model” with its supporting mapping to business processes available with the “point and click” of my mouse in the public domain? Perhaps some of these examples are available in books or in web sites requiring a paid more
most recent post
posted 2 years 2 weeks ago
I dont know of any click and play models, and none that link capabilities to processes has a process decomposition for a number of industries has the old more
Authored by: Ralph Whittle |  Originally published on February 24 2012 | 8 total posts

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