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BPM Group: Will BPMN completely replace EPC?

EPC is widely used in Business Process Modelling tools of German vendors like SAP and ARIS. BPMN is more and more adopted by the bigger BPM tools like Tibco, Oracle, Cordys and recently by SAP. Will BPMN standard completely wipe-out EPC, or will there always be applications for EPC left, more
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posted 4 years 22 weeks ago
Most important difference between EPC and BPMN is the "motivation". EPC was created to model and analysis of business processes. BPMN was created to model, analysis and __deploy__ processes. So, more
Authored by: Harald van der Weel |  Originally published on January 16 2011 | 14 total posts

BA Group: The origins of Business Architecture

What are the origins, influences and overlaps of Business Architecture field and profession? I can see a lot of commonalities and relevance with Information Technology-Architecture, Building Architecture, Engineering generally,Organizational theory, Systems thinking, Knowledge Management, more
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posted 4 years 32 weeks ago
@konstantis This is a great topic, or 3! As far as origins go, I don't think people talked much about business architecture until the IT world expanded from accounting, and needed to understand more
Authored by: kosta makrodimitris |  Originally published on December 21 2010 | 1 total posts

BPM Group: BPM's Nemesis : Clunky Data Integration

BPM's Nemesis : Clunky Data Integration Back in the '90's, I jumped right in there with all the other consultants and IT operatives when Business Process Reengineering came along. Since I had been heavily involved in computer graphics before that, I even wrote a crude business process designer more
Authored by: Jim Kolassa |  Originally published on December 6 2010 | 0 total posts

BA Group: GODS generic business architecture be adopted as a base model for further work, proposal

"There is good news on the business architecture front. The level of discourse has elevated dramatically around how to effectively represent the business architecture. At the forefront of this discussion are two essential focal points: the business capability and the value stream." This is more
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posted 4 years 35 weeks ago
Adrian You said - "I believe that the capability-value streams topic is of interest to all in the business architecture arena." - No one has argued this point. Using this site to setup more
Authored by: Adrian Grigoriu |  Originally published on November 26 2010 | 4 total posts

BPM Group: Appian as a Tool for BPM

I recently attended BrainStorm NYC and noticed that there did not seem to be any representation from Appian at the conference. I'm interested in finding other companies in the Tri-State area that are using Appian as a tool for BPM more
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posted 4 years 22 weeks ago
The company (IntelliDyne) I currently work for has a focus on Appian based BPM projects where it is used as a tool for BPM implementation. Currently we have several projects that we are involved more
Authored by: Dianne Ostroske |  Originally published on November 9 2010 | 1 total posts

BA Group: A generic business architecture

A business architecture is the blueprint of an Enterprise. A generic business architecture is the blueprint of any Enterprise. An architecture consists of components and relationships. For an Enterprise, that means functions (or capabilities) and flows (or processes, streams, chains...) more
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posted 4 years 37 weeks ago
All – First, I am glad to see all of you engaged in this discussion because it demonstrate relative maturing of the industry. It seems, however, that many of the posts are working under more
Authored by: Adrian Grigoriu |  Originally published on November 4 2010 | 27 total posts

BPM Group: What makes a good simulation?

I have done many types of simulations from process flows with time, cost, personnel using Current state situations and then creating different To Be situations, based on different parameters and redesign principles. I have done paper- based case studies and I have used different applications to more
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posted 4 years 39 weeks ago
I use a case study with a office transactions workflow and then I took and translated that into a current state simulation. Then we look at different scenarios for the future state - one based more
Authored by: Shelley Sweet |  Originally published on October 23 2010 | 8 total posts

BPM Group: Governance - Subject-based or Services-based?

We are an employee benefits advisor/broker who performs benefits administration outsourcing services for our clients? Recently, we were asked by a client to provide more structure and governance, which will be work-in-progress over time. During our next meeting, we will respond. The more
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posted 4 years 29 weeks ago
I agree with my predecessor. In your case there are 2 organizations subject to governance: Your customers’ and your own as the Managed Services provider. Both require a plan to govern more
Authored by: Perry Miller |  Originally published on August 30 2010 | 3 total posts

BPM Group: Business logic - part of 'process', part of 'task', or 'it depends'?

Hi all I am a developer of business/accounting software. I write with medium-sized companies in mind, but the software should be usable by smaller and larger companies as well. I have started a complete rewrite, to be released as Open Source when ready. Among other design criteria, I have more
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posted 4 years 52 weeks ago
The BPMS I am accustom to, there is a business process layer, and then an implementation or service layer. It sounds like you are trying to combine the two, when ideally they really should more
Authored by: Frank Millman |  Originally published on August 5 2010 | 19 total posts

SOA Group: Is it more efficient to develop web services in all SOA projects in the same way?

When developing any kind of software, how its developed boils down to certain factors like changing requirements and project scope. However, from one SOA project to another, these factors seem to be more or less the same regardless of whether BPM is involved or not. If that is the case, would more
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posted 5 years 1 week ago
What seems to be interesting is that many of the respondents share similar experiences relating to their SOA projects, and the development of web services - suggesting that web service development more
Authored by: vj madhal |  Originally published on July 22 2010 | 1 total posts

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