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BA Group: What are the domains of the business that fall inside BA?

We recently posted a white paper which promotes a common understanding of business architecture. The white paper is called "Defining Requirements for a Business Architecture Standard" and can be downloaded by using this link - more
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BPM Group: Any 'feel good stories' or disaster anecdotes on organizational change?

Nancy Williams is preparing a lecture for her 3rd year undergrad business students next week on organizational change. Any 'feel good stories' or disaster anecdotes you want to share? To share a story or anecdote with the group, simply respond to this thread. We'd love to hear them... good, more
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BA Group: Any RESTafarians out there?

Hi, I'm new to the list and I'm looking to connect with folks who are exploring REST for its potential as a distributed system architecture. Our company has a patent pending Resource Oriented Framework that supports truly dynamic processes (run-time composition based on context) with more
Authored by: Dave Duggal |  Originally published on March 13 2010 | 0 total posts

BPM Group: 4 Simple Reasons Why Change Management Fails

So, what is the best way to introduce and manage process change? I’m not talking about the easiest way, I’m looking for the way that achieves the best results. If I had to guess, I’d point to 4 simple reasons. 1. Undisciplined Communication 2. Impatient Management (aka poor more
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posted 5 years 37 weeks ago
Ok, time to weigh in… which of the 4 do you see as the biggest culprit? Management and process owners out there, speak up more
Authored by:   |  Originally published on March 10 2010 | 11 total posts

BPM Group: Is the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) suitable for use by business people?

BPMN was originally designed to be used by both business and IT. Has that design goal been met? Is it too technical? Is the notation useful for business people but the current set of modeling tools that support it are too technical? Is a notation like EPC more oriented toward business people? more
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posted 5 years 38 weeks ago
Karen, I am learning and using BPMN Level 1 as Bruce Silver calls it in his book. But I am going to use it sparingly with business clients. I have been doing this work with businesses for more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on March 4 2010 | 23 total posts

BPM Group: Funding BPM Initiatives

Is there one approach for proposing and funding process improvement projects that achieves better results than the others? Often the cause of failed or delayed funding attempts is management ignorance of the current state and therefore no sense of urgency, management impatience for miracle cures, more
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posted 5 years 36 weeks ago
Recently I have found challenges because higher priorities in the organization have come up related to the financial crisis. But even in the best of times, funding for BPM is tough. I agree with more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on March 3 2010 | 2 total posts

OP Group: Using BPM and Balanced Scorecard to Manage the Alignment of Enterprise Process Improvement Investments to Business Strategy

Improving enterprise processes should be done in the context of an organization’s business strategy. Demonstrating the strategic contribution these improvements make to the business can be done quantitatively by combining the BPM discipline with the Balanced Scorecard methodology. more
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posted 5 years 27 weeks ago
I have had quite a bit experience combining the BPM and BSC disciplines. It is far too easy to take on every BPM effort presented as opposed to ensuring processes truly support the direction more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 12 2010 | 8 total posts

OP Group: What role should the Performance Architect play in an Enterprise Process Improvement project?

What should be the working relationship among the process owner, business architect, enterprise architect, performance architect and business process analyst? Has anyone used a performance architect either as an outside consultant or as a salaried employee? Is the performance architect role part more
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posted 5 years 40 weeks ago
I want to build on what Tricia said. I think the Performance Architect needs to know about load and stress testing for the system, but equally important is to be able to help process owners more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 12 2010 | 3 total posts

SOA Group: Enterprise Solutions versus Applications

Business applications are the root cause of today's siloed nature of enterprise IT. The use of SOA for building enterprise applications preserves all the drawbacks of today's application-centric culture. What is needed is to use SOA for building enterprise solutions. Has anyone used SOA to more
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posted 4 years 26 weeks ago
I think there is no "Enterprise Solutions vs. Application" because the classical enterprise solutions are build of applications - specially of historically grown applications. For me, building a " more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 2 2010 | 7 total posts

SOA Group: How Business Architecture Helps SOA

SOA is perceived as a best-practices approach for building software systems and hence does not involve the business in its design. In this scenario the burden falls on IT to demonstrate the value on SOA and how it aligns to business strategy. The only way to achieve this alignment is through more
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posted 5 years 32 weeks ago
I was referring to the creation of a business services architecture for the entire company and not to a domain-specific software system. Many IT people report that after the business and IT more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 2 2010 | 5 total posts

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