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OP Group: What role should the Performance Architect play in an Enterprise Process Improvement project?

What should be the working relationship among the process owner, business architect, enterprise architect, performance architect and business process analyst? Has anyone used a performance architect either as an outside consultant or as a salaried employee? Is the performance architect role part more
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posted 4 years 9 weeks ago
I want to build on what Tricia said. I think the Performance Architect needs to know about load and stress testing for the system, but equally important is to be able to help process owners more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 12 2010 | 3 total posts

SOA Group: Enterprise Solutions versus Applications

Business applications are the root cause of today's siloed nature of enterprise IT. The use of SOA for building enterprise applications preserves all the drawbacks of today's application-centric culture. What is needed is to use SOA for building enterprise solutions. Has anyone used SOA to more
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posted 2 years 47 weeks ago
I think there is no "Enterprise Solutions vs. Application" because the classical enterprise solutions are build of applications - specially of historically grown applications. For me, building a " more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 2 2010 | 7 total posts

SOA Group: How Business Architecture Helps SOA

SOA is perceived as a best-practices approach for building software systems and hence does not involve the business in its design. In this scenario the burden falls on IT to demonstrate the value on SOA and how it aligns to business strategy. The only way to achieve this alignment is through more
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posted 4 years 1 week ago
I was referring to the creation of a business services architecture for the entire company and not to a domain-specific software system. Many IT people report that after the business and IT more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on February 2 2010 | 5 total posts

BPM Group: Managing Change

Improving processes yields changes not only to the process but to people's jobs and to the organization's structure. It causes disruptions to existing methods. Is there a best practice for introducing change? Are there pitfalls to avoid? What are the most difficult challenges to overcome? more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on January 22 2010 | 0 total posts

BA Group: What's Up With Business Architecture Vendors?

The Jan. 2010 bulletin has an upcoming article that I wrote titled "What's up with the business architecture tool vendors?" In this article, I have outlined the current state of BA tooling and what steps vendors should take this year in order to provide more useful tooling to the more
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posted 4 years 10 weeks ago
There are, however, best practices that vendors can draw from. Most tools have too many artifacts for the business architect, due to their enterprise architecture roots. However, using the work more
Authored by: William Ulrich |  Originally published on January 6 2010 | 2 total posts

BA Group: Capability Model

Use of the Capability Model in Business Architectureread more
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posted 4 years 23 weeks ago
I am starting this thread as a follow up to Greg Suddreth's presentation on Capbability model at Brainstorm New York. I really enjoyed this presentation and would like to learn more about it. more
Authored by: Bonnie Yau |  Originally published on November 12 2009 | 4 total posts

BDM Group: Have you worked on Business Rules/Business Decision Projects using Agile?

A recent message on one of the linkedin group discussion led to a healthy discussion about the use of Agile in Business Rule projects. Our own experience is that the Decision Model approach to business rules leads to opportunities for Agile development. It allows modeling just ahead of more
Authored by: Larry Goldberg |  Originally published on November 2 2009 | 0 total posts

BPM Group: Establishing a BPM Center of Excellence

Are there two basic models for establishing a COE - one focused on ensuring that the business policy toward process improvement is followed, and one focused on ensuring that the process discipline and technology is consistently used and deployed? Does a company eventually need both? Where more
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posted 3 years 46 weeks ago
The success of an organization's BPM Program lies in its ability to manage all components of the program. The BPM Center of Excellence (COE) is the heart of the program and handles the more
Authored by: Tom Dwyer |  Originally published on October 30 2009 | 4 total posts

BA Group: Do you have a business architecture team or center of excellence?

Many orgnizations now have business architecture teams or centers of excellence. How are you organized? Do you have a single team or multiple teams? If you have multiple teams, how do they collaborate? Is your team under the IT organization or under business (non-IT) ownership? Let us more
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posted 3 years 32 weeks ago
My division has business architects embedded in the business units. We colaborate with technical architects on an ongoing basis and it has simple become how we do more
Authored by: William Ulrich |  Originally published on October 29 2009 | 1 total posts

BA Group: Defining Business Architecture

The following definition of business architecture is posted to the Business Architecture (BAI) homepage, OMG Business Architecture Working Group homepage ( and even on Wikipedia (but don't hold that against it). "A blueprint of the enterprise that provides more
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posted 3 years 43 weeks ago
Colin The business architecture does represent the entire ecosystem. I built a business architecture for a 5-company ecosystem where the companies were partners, suppliers and even competitors more
Authored by: William Ulrich |  Originally published on October 29 2009 | 56 total posts

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