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SOA for Architects

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 from 9AM to 5PM
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Defining a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the current challenge of many enterprise IT organizations. The emergent popularity of Web services, and the ease of implementation, has enabled most organizations to adopt an incremental approach to SOA via Web services.  However, the larger architectural issues must be analyzed and addressed in order to expand SOA. SOA is first and foremost, an enterprise architecture discipline. Service oriented practitioners agree that the ‘service’ is the new unit of planning and management in an EA framework. The same practitioners will also note that SOA reference architectures, policies and guidance are essential to a successful program.

This course sets the context for describing an SOA from an architectural perspective and provides a detailed understanding of the elements that comprise SOA, as well as techniques and practices for creating organization-wide software integration solutions using SOA concepts.  This session will describe how to develop an application architecture as a collection of loosely-coupled business services.  The lesson enables architects to identify integration patterns best suited for Web services technologies and explore Web services design best practices.

Course Outline:

Defining SOA and its Business Impact

  • Principles
  • Usage Scenarios

Service Enablement Technologies

  • REST

Architectural Patterns and Reference Architecture

  • Registry
  • Intermediary
  • IMPACT Reference Architecture

WS-* Extended Specifications

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Transaction Management
  • Interoperability

Introduction to Process Driven Services

  • Types of Process Engines
  • The role of WS-BPEL
  • Managing the Process Lifecycle

Harmony SOA Methodology

  • Service Lifecycle and Method Overview
  • Focus on Analysis
  • Focus on Design
  • Governance

Enterprise SOA

  • Maturity Model
  • Adoption Strategies
  • Real-World Examples and Challenges

Unique Value of Course:

SOA for Architects focuses on the needs of enterprise and project architects. The course creates a common understanding of SOA ideas, patterns, and technologies to enable architects to make informed decisions about their SOA projects.


  • Learn the different paths to implementing SOA
  • Learn How to devise a comprehensive architecture for a new SOA based solution
  • Understand the roles and processes used to create Service Oriented Architectures
  • Understand a SOA reference architecture
  • Learn how to model business processes and identify services

Who Should Attend:

  • Application Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Technical Leads

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