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First and Last: A Tale of Two Enteprises

Business Architecture & the Role of the CIO

Business Process Management and Business Decision Management: State of Play

While many, most, organizations know they need to focus on business processes, a matching focus on operational decisions is less common. The effective combination of Business Process Management (BPM) with Business Decision Management (BDM) is emerging as a critical element in successful organizations. The Intersection of Process and Decision
Business Process Management is well established in organizations of every size. Many, most, organizations identify, document, model, automate and manage their business processes. Many of these organizations have adopted a technology stack, a Business Process Management System, to support their BPM work. Despite the importance of operational decisions, most do not yet similarly manage business decisions. This is changing as more organizations adopt Business Decision Management as well as Business Process Management so they can work at the intersection.

5 Keys to a Successful Mobile Content Strategy

Most companies, from high-tech firms to heavy equipment manufacturers, are wrestling with effectively delivering content to their customers’ and employees’ smart phones and tablets.

From product manuals and training materials, to catalogues, employee handbooks, and annual reports, most organizations suffice with PDF files, the mobile equivalent of a static document or web page.

Adopting a mobile-friendly content strategy enables a myriad of benefits that go far beyond delivering the right content to the right device at the right time—including collaboration via social networking platforms, multimedia (audio and video) enhancements, interactivity (quizzes and exercises to test mastery of concepts), annotations to content, and much more.

Driving Improvement With Management Reporting

Simplifying Complex Processes

Five Steps to a Data Driven Organization

Gartner Outlines Transition to Digital Business

Digital business promises to be a massive disruption to all industries. Practitioners will need to reinvent core operational processes for the digital industrial economy. What are the forces driving digital business disruption? How do you deal with digital business? Janelle Hill shares Gartner's perspective on Process Reinvention, steps that practitioners should take to capitalize on Digital Business and Business Moments and a sneak preview of major themes that will be a part of Gartner's BPM Summits in 2014. Attend this webcast to learn:

To Deliver Business Value, Avoid Paving over Cow Paths

Pivoting Through Capability Maps

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