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Before Launching Government Transformation, Establish a Culture of Innovation

BPM Outlook: Gartner Outlines 2015 Trends

Digital Business: From Process Improvement to Driving Big Change Facing continual digital disruption, companies are rethinking their business models and reinventing their processes to transform business operations for the digital age. Traditional BPM has driven tremendous efficiencies and cost reductions. Now the challenge is to apply BPM to drive growth.
Key challenges are:

Literate Process Modeling

Leading Organizational Redesign with Business Architecture

Metrics and Business Process

Field Notes: Decision Analysis and Process Analysis

Case Study: 1 insurance company. 51 processes. 4 countries. 5 languages.

Generali PPF Holding embarked on an organization-wide business transformation to significantly boost productivity and efficiency in the area of Corporate Risks underwriting. Discover Generali’s BPM journey in this case study. To cope with growing organizational demands, Generali PPF Holdings saw a need to implement a robust solution provided by the Bizagi BPM Suite to sustain a wide range of key business requirements for corporate risks insurance underwriting and policy administration processes.

Your first BPM process - quick, measurable and... contagious

BPM programs live or die on the success of the pilot project, which in turn depends on choosing the right first process. Since BPM initiatives involve deep cultural changes, the pilot project has to deliver results that are:
  • Quick: to gain management approval for wider rollout
  • Measurable: to justify further investments
  • Contagious: to trigger widespread user adoption
  • Extensible: to enable the benefits to be felt across teams, departments and processes.
This whitepaper provides guidance on selecting the optimal business process (or group of processes) for a BPM pilot project. By taking this approach, project owners can be confident of a low-risk BPM initiative that generates sufficient momentum to kick off a successful companywide BPM program.

BPM and Complexity Reduction

Capital Planning: Capability Maps, Value Streams and Conflicting Stakeholder Objectives

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