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2014 Training Schedule

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  On Demand Live Online Face-To-Face Group
Course Title OND Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 CH DC SF NY INH PLOL
SOA 101 24/7 5/11-12 10/5-64/276/229/2811/2YesYes
SOA for Architects   5/18-19 10/19-204/286/239/2911/3YesYes
Service Oriented Integration   5/26-27 10/26-274/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Designing Service Oriented Solutions   6/1-2 11/9-104/306/2510/111/5YesYes
BPM 101 24/72/2-35/11-128/3-410/5-64/276/229/2811/2YesYes
Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: As Is, To Be 24/72/17-185/18-198/10-1110/19-204/286/239/2911/3YesYes
Process Measurement and Metrics 24/73/18-196/1-28/24-2511/9-104/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Establishing Business Process Governance & Centers of Excellence 24/73/30-316/8-98/31-9/111/23-244/306/2510/111/5YesYes
Process Modeling With BPMN 24/73/2-35/26-278/17-1810/26-274/29-306/24-259/30-10/111/4-5YesYes
Methodologies and Approaches for BPM 24/73/4-5 7/13-1410/21-224/276/229/2811/2YesYes
Advanced Facilitation Skills 24/73/23-24 7/20-2110/28-294/286/239/2911/3YesYes
Organizational Change Management 24/72/19-20 7/6-710/7-84/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Using BPM Discipline with Six Sigma & Lean Methodologies 24/7 4/1-27/27-2811/11-124/286/239/2911/3YesYes
Modernizing Requirements Gathering  3/23-246/29-309/21-2211/30-12/14/276/229/2811/2YesYes
Requirements Gathering and Analysis for Agile  3/25-26 7/1-2
Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: A Learning Lab          YesYes
Decision Management and Business Rules 101 24/72/25-266/17-189/14-15 4/276/229/2811/2YesYes
Decision Modeling With DMN  3/25-26 7/29-3010/13-144/286/239/2911/3YesYes
CEM 101: Introduction to Customer Experience Management      4/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Customer Experience Modeling, Analysis and Design  2/23-246/15-169/14-1512/14-154/306/2510/111/5YesYes
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification      4/29-306/24-259/30-10/111/4-5YesYes
BPM 101 (Portuguese Translation) 24/7        YesYes
BA 101 24/72/4-55/13-148/5-610/7-84/276/229/2811/2YesYes
Building a Business Architecture 24/72/19-205/20-218/12-1310/21-224/286/239/2911/3YesYes
Practice-Based Business Architecture 24/73/4-55/28-298/19-2010/28-294/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment 24/73/19-206/3-48/26-2711/18-194/306/2510/111/5YesYes
Establishing Business Architecture Governance and Centers of Excellence   4/1-2
9/2-3 4/286/239/2911/3YesYes
The Business Architecture Playbook      4/296/249/3011/4YesYes
Business Information Semantics & Rules   4/15-16