Sameer Paradkar



The World of Agile IT and Stakeholder Management

Agile Methodology Why on earth would this BOK be into existence when there are loads and loads of documentation available on company archives that we can refer to during crunch times. So Am I reinventing the wheel ? No way. The below bulleted matrix would help you keep afloat in case you hit...

Multi Channel Enterprises - A Road to Redemption

The online shopper is extremely savvy and has myriads of options available to them for different products and services. They often move from site to site to compare prices, shipping costs and product features. Multi-Channel refers to the delivery of products and services via multiple channels....

Search Frameworks and Engines - Unleashed

The details include search engine core components that work under the hood in tandem to generate the search results based on user requirements. Who are these core components? What’s their purpose in Search and answers to all these you would find in this artifact. A brief summary of package products...

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