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BPM 101 - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

BPM 101 is the foundational course for those starting their BPM journey. It presents an overview of process modeling, analysis, design and the technologies in BPM.

BPM 101 is especially...

Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: As Is, To Be - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

Achieving success with BPM relies upon skill in process modeling, analysis and design. This course equips you with the practical, applied knowledge to lead/facilitate process improvement projects....

Process Modeling With BPMN - On Demand - Available 24/7 - On Demand - Available 24/7

Attendees will learn a structured approach to using BPMN. Their knowledge is enhanced by using a software tool to provide hands-on practice

The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a...


Building a SIPOC Diagram

A SIPOC diagram represents a high-level view of a process. It shows the Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers. The SIPOC Diagram plays an important role in Process Definition/Improvement and should ideally be done first before embarking on extensive process mapping. An analyst – in...

BPM Readiness Assessment

Is your company ready to apply the BPM discipline?  A BPM Readiness Assessment offers a company an objective and efficient means to assess its ability to change and adapt to a process performance orientation. Understanding a company’s “process maturity profile” enables it to design a BPM...

Aligning Business Process Performance to Business Strategy

In 2006 the Babson Process Management Research Center defined Strategic Alignment as the continual tight linkage of organizational priorities and enterprise processes, enabling achievement of business goals. Phrased differently this means linking strategy goals to operational goals and linking...

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