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The Intelligent Automation Professional Certificate is the first program in the industry to cover all the key pillars of Intelligent Automation holistically with practical recommendations and exercises.

The focus of this program is on Hyperuatomation to understand the transformative potential of Intelligent Automation and create a pragmatic roadmap for Automation best practices. Intelligent Automation is a significant milestone in the evolution of Business Process Management. The program will illustrate how Process Mining can be followed with Intelligent Automation through software robots and process automation. Intelligent Automation can reduce the most mundane tasks and is undoubtedly being used for this purpose. More surprisingly, it is even being used for some not-so-mundane cognitive tasks.

Intelligent Automation is a mega-trend: due to digitization and intelligent Automation, one-third of workers will need to learn new skills by 2030. All industry sectors are impacted. The program will survey all the key Intelligent Automation platform categories and technologies: Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent & Virtual Assistants, and Automation of Cognitive work. It also covers methodologies, tools, and best practices for upskilling and reskilling for Automation: especially in the context of Intelligent Automation Competency Centers.

What process professionals need to know about Intelligent Automation

Need to Know YouTube video series. Learn more about Digital Transformation for process professionals.

Why Earn Your Certificate?

Completion of the certificate program will help you grow as a leader both professionally and personally, and build a strong foundation for career advancement and influence.

  1. ADVANCEMENT: Digital business will be a top target for recruitment and a key driver for career advancement
  2. DIFFERENTIATION: Hiring managers and recruiters take certificate programs seriously
  3. VALIDATION: Documented evidence of your professional abilities
  4. RECOGNITION: Increases your standing in the community
  5. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Having completed study in critical digital business practice areas

What Will You Learn?

The four core courses of the Intelligent Automation Certificate program signifies that you have successfully completed formal training in these critical practice areas:

  1. Introduction to Hyperautomation
  2. Cultural Transformation with Intelligent Automation
  3. Robotic Process Automation: Tools and Platforms
  4. Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Tools and Techniques
  5. Process Intelligence, Process Mining to Automation
  6. Integration Workflow Automation: Tools and Platforms
  7. Automating Cognitive Work
  8. Machine Learning, NLP, OCR, Form Recognition and other AI Trends for Automation
  9. Digital Process Automation (aka Intelligent BPM): Tools and Platforms
  10. Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation
  11. Upskilling and Re-Skilling for Intelligent Automation
  12. Intelligent Automation Competency Centers

Advance Your Career with the Industry Leader

Intelligent Automation has many facets - from cultural transformation to deployment of various emerging digital technologies. This program will teach and explain why business leaders need to be aware of the digital trends and realize transformation roadmaps with platforms and digital methodology best practices. This program will also cover all the key pillars of Intelligent Automation holistically with practical recommendations and exercises.

Digital Transformation Core Courses

The courses offered in this certificate program will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to identify digital transformation opportunities.

Upon completion of this program, you will earn the Digital Transformation Specialist (DXSSM) Certificate.

Intelligent Automation Specialist (IAS) Certificate Courses

  • Intelligent Automation 101
  • Robotic Process Automation*
  • Intelligent Process Automation of Things (IPAoT)*
  • Decentralized Automation*

Upon completion of this program, you will earn the Intelligent Automation Specialist (IASSM) Certificate.

Digital Transformation Professional (DXP) Certificate

When you complete the core courses and the Intelligent Automation courses, you will earn the Digital Transformation Professional (DXPSM) Certificate

Need to Know YouTube video series. Learn more about Digital Transformation for process professionals.

* Courses to debut in 2022.

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Delivery methods:

  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Private
  • Live Online
  • On Demand

Delivery methods:

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online
  • On Demand

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