Certified Business Process Management Professional Exam Study Guide

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The Official Certified Business Process Management Professional Exam Study Guide from BPMInstitute.org consists of 60 sample exam questions and answers, exam overview and approach to taking the exam, references and reading materials and detailed overviews of each coverage area including:

  • Concepts and Principles
  • Process Modeling
  • Process Improvement (Analysis & Design)
  • Process Measurement
  • Process Technologies (BPMN, BPMS)
  • BPM Governance and BPM Center of Excellence.

This Study Guide in combination with our BPM Skills Self-Assessment are intended to assist you in preparation for the Exam.


      1. Background on BPM Certification
      2. Approach to taking the Exam
      3. Exam Day Checklist
      4. Overview of the BPM Discipline
      5. Overview of Exam
      6. Sample Test Questions
      7. Bibliography
      8. Answers to Test Questions with Explanations

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing of the Study Guide should not been seen as a substitute for work experience or formal study in the Business Process Management discipline. This Study Guide is an electronic document and must be accessed online.

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Study materials and references include:

  • Process Improvement books
  • Articles, webcasts white papers
  • Industry standard specifications
  • Select Process Frameworks
  • Individual Skills Self-Assessment
  • Learning Paths for Prof Dev

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