Process Mining 101 - Spring Session - April 24, 2023 - 09:00

Spring Session

Process Mining 101

Monday, April 24, 2023 from 9AM to 5:00PM
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Learn Process Mining - the new method for data-centric analysis, improvement, and execution of processes. Process Mining helps organizations discover and enhance real (vs. theorized or assumed) processes - with all its variants.

This course is an essential introduction to one of the most critical business process management and automation trends. Process Mining is a new process improvement and optimization approach that is data-centric and pragmatic. Organizations can identify substantive improvement opportunities through understanding and optimizing what really transpired in their processes. This relatively new technology - Process Mining - can fill many of the gaps of traditional process improvement approaches by analyzing and understanding the process patterns (most frequent process paths and variations) in event logs obtained from the digital footprints of processes spanning multiple applications. The course will enable business leaders and business improvement practitioners to achieve tangible results with a much deeper understanding of Process Mining technologies, techniques, methodologies, and challenges. Process Mining leverages algorithms that analyze the event logs of value chains, discovering the process maps algorithmically with all its variants. Process Mining also helps business leaders understand compliance issues, and the detected patterns (process maps) will also help organizations identify the low-hanging efficiency opportunities. The course will delve deeper into the relationships between Process Mining and Real-Time Lean Six Sigma and identify potential bottlenecks and variants in real processes. Traditional Business Process Management starts with mapping (aka flowcharting) the assumed processes. Process Mining generates the process maps with the most frequent happy paths and their variations.

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Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Process Mining
  • Process Mining: Bridging Data Science to Process Science
  • Contrasting Process Mining and Task Mining
  • Preparing, Aggregating, and Generating Event Logs
  • The PM Algorithms: Discovering Real Processes and their Variants
  • Process Conformance Checking
  • Process Enhancements and Real-Time Lean Six Sigma
  • Identifying bottlenecks, problematic patterns, and root causes of inefficiencies
  • Insight to Action: Process Mining to RPA & Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM)
  • Process Mining Tools and Platforms
  • Process Mining and AI Algorithms
  • Process Mining Methodologies and Competency Centers

Unique Value of Course:

The course will provide the understanding and practice of the three types of Process Mining: Discovery, Compliance, and Enhancement. The course will explain the whole cycle with examples and best practices from digital footprints of applications to aggregations for even logs, to process mining insight and then actions with RPA and iBPM.


  • Learn the relatively new Process improvement discipline: through discovering real process maps from event logs
  • Understand the three major types of process mining: Discovery, Conformance, and Enhancement
  • Learn how to prepare and aggregate data from systems of record (ERPs, legacies, databases) to generate Event Logs
  • Learn the robust data-driven approach for Process optimization
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for Robotic Process Automation and intelligent BPM solutions
  • Learn how to enhance Real-Time Lean Six Sigma with Process Mining techniques

Who Should Attend:

• VP of Process and Data Science
• Data Engineers
• Data Scientists
• Process Improcement Specialists
• AI Specialists
• Chief Executive Officer and/or President
• Chief Innovation Officer (the transformed CIO!)
• Chief Operations Officer (COO - or equivalent)
• Chief Human Resources Manager
• Chief Technology Officer
• Chief Digital Transformation Officer
• Chief Marketing Officer
• VP of Development
• VP of Product Management
• Operational Excellence Business Leaders: Lean Six Sigma Black Belts
• VP of Professional Services
• VP of Enterprise Architecture

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