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We have memberships for individuals, groups, and teams. Compare memberships here. Individuals can join as a Community Member, Premium Member, or Professional Member. Groups and teams will benefit from the additional discounts and features of the Corporate Membership and by the company becoming a Corporate Sponsor.







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Getting started? Or just need occasional access to content?

Become a Community Member to participate in community discussions with practitioners across the world, access featured articles, webcasts, whitepapers, and other content, and subscribe to updates and newsletters.


If you are constantly updating your skills and adding to your knowledge, enjoy full access to our premium content by becoming a Premium Member.

You’ll have unlimited access to content, free Module 1 courses and access to BPMI Prime LMS.


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Becoming a Professional Member gives you unlimited access to our premium content, plus discounts on eLearning, face-to-face training, and our BrainStorm events.


Looking to build knowledge for groups of people, or an entire team?

Joining as a Corporate Sponsor gives you the flexibility to customize your training in the most cost-effective way possible. You company might already be a Corporate Sponsor - click here to check.

Bonus benefits:
$450 value
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$1,700+ value
  Bonus benefits:
$1,700+ value
  Bonus benefits:
$700 per member
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Top three reasons to join:

Focused content - by practitioners, for practitioners
Benefit from thousands of articles, whitepapers, research papers, archived webcasts, conference presentations, and more.

Tangible savings on training, events, and more
Affordably experience the industry's foremost authorities on Business Process Management, Business Architecture, Digital Business, Agile Business Analysis, Operational Excellence, Business Decision Management/Business Rules and many other topics as they guide you in eLearning, face-to-face training, and live events.

Network with peers in our community
Our community enables you to fast track your process improvement initiatives by networking and collaborating with practitioners within and outside of your organization.

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