Organizational Digital Maturity Assessment

Organizational Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital transformation is a complex undertaking at the enterprise level. Organizations that have reached high levels of digital maturity have excelled in areas such as customer experience, business process digital technologies, agile and business architecture.

We have created this organization level assessment to assist our member companies in building a professional development game plan. We hope that you will find this assessment helpful. You will be able to use it to determine your company’s current strengths and weaknesses across six critical practice areas:

  • Culture
  • Customer experience
  • Business process
  • Digital technologies
  • Agile
  • Business Architecture

While there is much more involved with success in digital transformation than these six practice areas (e.g. data, security, digital marketing, etc.) – the chances of failure are much higher when an organization has not invested in developing key skills in these six critical areas.

The following skills are central to success in these six practice areas:

  1. Viewing the business from the outside-in
    The customer’s point of view – is an essential skill in improving customer experience
  2. Being able to assess and improve enterprise processes
    An indispensable skill in optimizing how value is created for the company and its customers
  3. Understanding how to integrate various digital technologies
    Optimal impact is a vital skill to nurture
  4. Enabling an agile approach to deploying technology
    A needed skill set in this day and age
  5. Representing the company’s strategy in an architecture
    That’s implementable in IT terms is central to success.
  6. A cohesive amalgamation of the above skills sets
    Is important in adopting a digital business culture

As digital business increases in complexity, organizations will need to focus on at least three important competencies – developing customer experience skills, becoming adept at analyzing and improving end-to-end business processes and deploying digital technologies in an agile, collaborative manner.

Our view of the full six dimensions of digital maturity is displayed below.

Figure 1: The’s Dimensions of Digital Maturity: at the Company Level

This organizational assessment can assist you and your leaders in identifying their current level of digital maturity. Then, you will be better equipped to determine where to invest training budget dollars.

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