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Opening Keynote: Enabling Change and Unleashing Great Performance for BPM Efforts

To survive and gain a sustainable competitive advantage, your organization must be nimble and agile to respond to market changes. This drives efforts to decentralize, improve processes and redefine decision-making power. It calls for erasing boundaries and creating seamless and collaborative work environments. Process improvement efforts designed to give organizations this kind of speed are great – however, organizations can’t go fast if their employees go slow. Managing change successfully is the key to eliminating resistance, enabling employees and unleashing the great performance intended.

Opening Keynote: How Cloud Computing Will Change Business Process Management

As cloud computing becomes more and more mainstream BPM systems will be offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model as well as being delivered in on-premise service appliances behind the firewall. Mr. Barlow will explore these topics and provide a glimpse into one of the next significant new business technologies to be delivered “in the cloud.”

Opening Keynote: Transforming an Enterprise – A Process-Driven Approach for Implementing the Business Strategy at Sloan Valve Company

The current economic crisis has inspired consensus between governments and business that significant changes must be implemented to return to a healthy, sustainable economy. The current ‘imperative’ is to effectively introduce and manage change as an integrated, continuous program. This presentation will deal with key aspects related to starting up BPM efforts at Sloan Valve Company, key issues related to process transformation, and BPM best practices.

Opening Keynote: Business Architecture Impact on Corporate Culture

Agenda • Three “Pillars” of Effective Change Leadership• Three Levels of Architecture and Change• Field Notes: Using Business Architecture to Lead and Manage Change at State Farm

Opening Keynote: The hidden factory in change management

Change management gets a call-to-arms in a variety of situations: new technology, process improvement, reorg. Some change is organic and some has a top-down directive but no change initiative can ever survive the currents that lay just beneath the surface. These are the unofficial channels of communication that cross org-structure boundaries and the informal network where decisions are often based on emotions.

Reusing Process Automation Solutions by Abstracting Business Content

When properly defined, processes can be built out of abstract elements that allow them to be reused in a multitude of seemingly disparate applications. The real-life case study presented will focus on how the automation of a complex Health and Human Services process was decomposed and abstracted to yield more than a dozen “pre-fabricated” processes, ranging in business context from HR Appraisals through Waste Container Management!

What is an Enterprise Business Rule Repository? DO I Need One?

As business decision and rule management initiatives grow and become more complex, there is growing consensus among practitioners and thought leaders about the importance of the rule repository in developing a scalable, sustainable business rule management capability. This session will provide an overview of business rule repositories and identify the three “must have” capabilities for supporting an enterprise approach to documenting, analyzing and managing business rules.

Track Chair Keynote: BDM - Beyond Business Rules

We define Business Decision Management (BDM) and show its relationship to Business Rules, Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). We demonstrate the how BDM ties Business Rules to BPM and SOA, and how it can significantly enhance the business capability of these technologies. Finally we look at what it takes to implement BDM in terms of skills, technology, and methodology, and how to get started toward success.

Case Study: Success Story for Creating Effective Business Cases

This presentation will cover the approach Erie Insurance has developed to create successful Business Cases for improvement ideas that align with corporate goals and objectives. It will cover a specific project that started with analyzing a problem area in processing new insurance applications, how improvement ideas were identified and prioritized, and how we use Business Architecture concepts and process simulation to analyze problems and develop solutions.

Best Practices Keynote: Building a World-Class BPM Center of Excellence

With approximately $33 billion in assets, Con Edison is one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies serving the New York metropolitan area. Today Con Edison is in the process of developing a world-class business process improvement center of excellence to drive everything from building basic process model repositories to leading large-scale, cross-organizational process reengineering initiatives.  Join Frank La Rocca – Director Shared Services, Con Edison – as he details Con Edison’s best practices for building a world-class process improvement center of excellence.