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Meet the Author: Daniel Morris and Keith Leust, Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation

Tune into this webcast as authors Dan Morris and Keith Leust discuss their new book, 'Business and Digital Transformation in the Age of Hyperautomation'. They will join Gregg Rock in discussing how the world of Hyperautomation is quickly changing and they will explore the impact of Hyperautomation on business and digital transformation. Hyperautomation is a grouping of advanced application generation tool platforms that are changing every aspect of business, how companies interact with one another and their customers, and how they innovate. These technologies include iBPM, RPA, Ai, Natural Language Processing, IOT, cognitive computing, and more. 

Customer Experience: Expectation & Execution

Meet the Author: Setrag Khoshafian, How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt

In this Meet the Author webcast, Dr. Setrag Khoshafian discusses his new book 'How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt Post COVID-19'. Join Gregg Rock as he and Setrag discuss monetizing low code/no code, blockchain, IoT, AI, process automation, and accelerating entrepreneurship and enterprise innovation.  About the Book: 2020 - the year of the COVID-19 pandemic - changed everything. Its ripple effects will be felt for many years to come. At the same time there have been incredible advances in digitization. We are amid a digital revolution with unprecedented innovations. The pandemic has accelerated the requirements for "Digital Transformation." Organizations need to adopt and transform to survive and hopefully thrive. The pandemic has accelerated the accumulation of digital transformation debt! It has also provided an opportunity to thrive in the post-COVID-19 era.

How Low-Code Platforms Can Aid Intelligent Business Process Management

No-code/low-code: Why you should be paying attention

Meet the Author: Jochen Wirtz, Intelligent Automation - The Service Revolution has Started

In this webcast, author Jochen Wirtz discusses his new book 'Intelligent Automation: Learn how to harness Artificial Intelligence to boost business & make our world more human'. Tune in as Jochen and Gregg Rock discuss the pending AI and Hyperautomation revolution that could take over service industries as technological advances continuously improve, what this could this mean for service sectors such as education and healthcare, and how it will effect cost and quality. This book will give you insight into the lessons learned from 100+ IA transformation successes (and failures). Readers will also benefit from the largest publicly available library of 500+ IA use cases by industry and by business function, and gain access to insights garnered from 200+ IA industry experts. This is a webcast you won't want to miss! 

Project Management: The Deja-Vu Problem

Hyperautomation - Are You Ready to Adapt?

Hyperautomation, Disruption, Continuous Business, and Digital Transformation are the Foundations of the Future

Operational Excellence 2.0: Invented in Silicon Valley?