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Business Process Portfolio Management

Standards and the Process Lifecycle

Leveraging Business Rules in a BPM World

The core of a business's integrity lies within its policies and rules and their management. The rules must be separated business processes if an organization is to know what the rules are, where the rules guide business decisions, and anticipated business impact when rules change. This presentation offers a practical approach for integrating a business rules approach, especially where BPM and BRE technology come together.

Why You Need A Source Rule Repository

Leveraging Business Rules in a BPM World

Supporting a BPM Reference Architecture and Compliance Framework

As organizations confront increasing complexity in their business environments, business leaders seek out technologies that allow them to automate, monitor, and optimize key processes across the enterprise. The ability to quickly develop business rules that not only define how these processes are executed, but also to drive customized user interfaces, tasks, monitoring, and automated processes have become key elements in business process management (BPM) application development.

Redefining BAM

Document Imaging and Business Process Management - A Partnership Built for Success

In this presentation, DeShoran Smith, 1199/SEIU National Benefit Fund, will share a case study presentation on how a self-administered, self-insured non-profit was able tosolve an out-of-control paperwork problem by placing the Fund's workflow under the control of Business Process Management (BPM) software, and replacing paper folders with electronic folders and digital images of member correspondence and other documents. Smith will discuss why the Fund turned to a BPM solution and how an Imaging/Retrieval system was also integrated into its processes.

Case Study: Document Imaging and Business Process Management - A Partnership Built for Success

Selection Criteria for BPM Software