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Marching Orders: How to Avoid BPM Pitfalls and Pratfalls

Ok, now you’ve gotten a lot of terrific information about BPM and it’s potential application within your enterprise. Where do you start? What are the critical success factors and the obvious traps to avoid? This presentation positions you to go back to your organization and begin a BPM suite selection and implementation project while increasing the odds for success.  

Case Study: Using Modeling Technologies to Optimize Business Processes at First Data

Rex Johnson, VP and Chief Technologist at First Data Corporation will illustrate the use of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies within First Data. Rex will illustrate with specific projects how over the past 10 years, BPM and specifically the use of process modeling has reduced and/or helped First Data avoid costs. He'll go further to illustrate how modeling technology and particular approaches such as simulation has helped his team analyze and optimize certain processes. Finally, Rex will discuss the internal challenges he faces in terms of the adoption of BPM technology. 

The Process-Based Management Loop

Many organizations understand the value of managing processes that create value for their customers. However, there is limited understanding of the emerging Process-based model for managing organizations.

Case Study: Building an Agile Business Platform

This session will focus on Intuit's use of integration and business process management software to rapidly deliver new customers services and improve corporate agility in response to industry or customer demand changes. Intuit is the number one provider of tax preparation and finance software products and services for consumers and small business. Intuit relies on TIBCO's integration and business process management products to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen their fiercely loyal customer base.  

Smart Business Processes: Advantages of Rules Driven BPM

Business Processes and Business Rules enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Business Rules are created to ensure that the enterprise behaves in a predictable manner. Business Processes layout the roadmap for that expected behavior, guided by the relevant Business Rules. Business Rule technology is providing the freedom to manage business rules and business processes at a much more granular level than even before. How will Business Process Management morph to support the Intelligent Business Processes that are the promise of Business Rule-Driven processes?  

Convergence and The User Adoption Challenge

Much has been written about the promise of implementing a process-driven architecture: better synergy between business requirements and information technology solutions, lower cost of integration, and improved visibility of business operations. However, there are roadblocks that prevent the design of a fluid architecture that delay the realization of the promise. This presentation will review the roadblocks and present recommendations for realizing a process-driven enterprise.

Case Study: Managing Processes Across an Enterprise with BPM

In this presentation, Gary Chan, the City of Walnut Creek, California, will share a case study presentation on how they were challenged to turn its many cumbersome and unreliable manual processes involved in 41 projects – ranging from Community Development to Public Services – into efficient and automated processes across the organization. Chan will discuss why the City turned to a Business Process Management (BPM) solution, Metastorm e-Work, and how the solution was integrated into existing Web-based systems.

Case Study: Leveraging Industry-Specific BP Templates

Physicians Mutual is a century old, Midwest Health and Life insurance company. Physicians Mutual is one of only two companies that have been named to the Ward's 50 Benchmark Group for thirteen consecutive years. The Ward's 50 Benchmark Group recognizes outstanding financial results in the areas of safety, consistency, and performance. Last year, Physicians Mutual made a committment to fundamentally change their business processes and information systems over the next five years.

Advantages of Rules Driven BPM

The core of a business’s integrity lies within its policies and rules and their management. The rules must be separated business processes if an organization is to know what the rules are, where the rules guide business decisions, and anticipated business impact when rules change. This presentation offers a practical approach for integrating a business rules approach, especially where BPM and BRE technology come together. 

Case Study: Supply Chain Operations – Leveraging BPM to Streamline New Product Development and Product Change Orders

All organizations are process driven and most of the processes are paper or e-mail based. One of the most process intense groups within a manufacturing company is the Technical/Engineering group. In this presentation, Todd Wilson, Manager of Technical Systems for Cooper Tire & Rubber Company will discuss leveraging Business Process Management (BPM) to get a handle on critical engineering processes. From Change Orders to Process Development, Wilson will share how Cooper Tire is using BPM to organize, prioritize, and improve processes to gain efficiencies and competitive advantage.