Skills Self-Assessments

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Digital Maturity Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment is an important skill to develop for lifelong learning and a necessary step in your professional development because it allows you to develop internal diagnostics, feelings of empowerment and a sense of control.

As a knowledge worker, it’s imperative that you can critically evaluate your own performance. In order to accomplish this, you must first be able to identify and understand the professional or industry standards expected of you. You must then be able to critically reflect on your own performance to determine if you are meeting these expectations. Finally, you must take appropriate action on any insights acquired.

You'll find self-assessments for the following topics below:

  • Agile BPM
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Digital Business
  • Operational Excellence

We have created these self-assessments for the collective members of our communities, in order to assist them in creating a professional development game plan. We hope that you will find these assessments helpful – whether you’re focused on developing your existing strengths or addressing gaps in your current skill-set to enable future employment.

Aspiring and veteran practitioners alike can use our self-assessments to determine current strengths and weaknesses across critical practice areas of the following disciplines.

These self-assessments can also assist you in determining your odds of obtaining certification in these fields.

Agile Skills Self-Assessment

Agile Practice Area Coverage

  1. Agile Concepts
  2. Agile Rituals and Ceremonies
  3. Agile Business Analysis Principles
  4. Estimation and Velocity
  5. Creating and Managing Quality User Stories
  6. Utilizing Waterfall Business Analysis Techniques in Agile

BPM Skills Self-Assessment

BPM Practice Area Coverage

  1. Business Process Management Concepts
  2. Process Discovery and Modeling
  3. Process Improvement (Analysis & Design)
  4. Process Measurement
  5. Business Process Technologies
  6. Process-Oriented Enterprise

Business Architecture Skills Self-Assessment

BA Practice Area Coverage

  1. Business Architecture Fundamentals
  2. Business Modeling and Value Proposition
  3. Business Capabilities Modeling
  4. Business Architecture Practice and Tools
  5. Business Architecture Execution and Performance
  6. Business Architecture Alignment

Digital Business Skills Self-Assessment

Digital Business Practice Area Coverage

  1. Digital Business Concepts
  2. Digital Business Methods
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Digital Business Technologies
  5. Business Process
  6. Analytics & Big Data

Operational Excellence (OpEx) Skills Self-Assessment

OpEx Practice Area Coverage

  1. OpEx Concepts
  2. OpEx Elements
  3. OpEx Linkage to BPM
  4. OpEx Linkage to Process Analysis & Design
  5. OpEx Methodologies
  6. OpEx Tools