Data Visualization

Data Visualizations are critical for turning data analytics into data insights for businesses. Visualizations power insights and drive actions from data analytics. The key is to remember that it’s less about the actual data analysis and more about the story that the data tells - visualizations power that story.

This course explores how to display your data analysis results using data visualizations.  You will learn how to use Excel to format data results and create different types of visualizations based on what type of data and analysis you are displaying.  We’ll also discuss other data visualization tools. 

You will learn to create dashboards that encompass multiple data visualizations and do multiple hands-on exercises to understand what the best visualization is for your own analysis results.  You will practice in displaying time series data and trends.  In addition, we will discuss how to present your findings using visualizations and how to use those visualizations to create action items. 

After this class you will have a solid understanding of the different visualizations that are available for you to use and when each is applicable.  All the concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand style with many hands-on exercises and discussions on best practices and practical usage. 


This course is a must for any analyst who wants to learn more about creating impactful visualizations that will allow leaders to draw insights from data analytics.    

Executives, leaders, and managers will find it helpful in scoping their requirements for KPIs and dashboards to run the business. 

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Data Visualizations
  • Benefits of Data Visualizations
  • Preparing Data for Visualizations
  • Different Types of Visualizations
  • Time Series Visualizations
  • Displaying Trends and Patterns
  • Techniques for Handling Outliers
  • Graphing Variance
  • Communicating Findings
    • Creating dashboards
    • Writing an analysis report
    • Writing an executive summary
  • Using Visualizations to Create Action Items
  • The Future of Visualizations

Unique Value of Course:

This data visualization course focuses on using visuals (graphs, storyboards, reports) to present your analytical findings by telling a story with the data.  Using Excel students will practice formatting data for visuals and creating them. 

Participants will learn how to create visualizations that allow for clear insights to use to make decisions for your organization.  They will also learn how to create an executive summary to accompany the visuals. 


  • Learn the four steps to prepare data for visualizations
  • Learn how to choose the best visualization for your analysis
  • Practice creating Excel data visualizations
  • Learn four techniques for handling outliers
  • Explore the insights that visuals can provide
  • Choose the best visualization for the story you need to tell
  • Learn to create action items by applying SMART criteria
  • Practice with storyboards for storytelling with data
  • Practice writing an executive summary to accompany visuals
  • Practice communicating findings from data analytics using visuals

Who Should Attend:

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Analysts
  • Agile Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Team Members
  • Executives
  • Managers in any of these areas
  • Anyone interested in applying analytics

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