Low Code/No Code 101

The new revolution in programming languages is Low Code/No Code, with platforms that provide tangible benefits for Citizen Developers (Business) and IT.

Low Code/No Code enables robust, fast, and efficient development of applications in all categories: Web, Mobile, Enterprise, and others. It will help startups achieve accelerated development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). It will also help Enterprises succeed in their Digital Transformation initiatives – with Low Code/No Code platforms and methodologies driving the change.

More importantly, this course will help Citizen Developers as well as traditional IT developers. Who are Citizen Developers? Everyone. In other words, anyone can become a developer with Low Code/No Code. That includes the subject matter experts and innovators in enterprises as well as founders in startups.

What do Low Code/No Code platforms offer? What are the different Low Code/No Code platform options? What is the difference between "Low Code" and "No Code?" What are the potential weaknesses and challenges of No Code/Low Code? Who benefits, and why? Who are the coders? What are the best practices and methodologies?

These are the questions that will be addressed in this course.

The course will provide an overview of Low Code/No Code platform landscape, highlight the Citizen Developer empowerment, cover the best practices for MVP and Digital Transformation and describe the potential challenges and pitfalls of Low Code/No Code. The course also will have several examples and illustrations of Low Code/No Code platforms.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Low Code/No Code
  • Taxonomy of Low Code/No Code Platforms and Tools
  • Low Code vs. No Code
  • Who are the Citizen Developers?
  • Web & Mobile Application Low Code/No Code Platforms
  • Business Process Management Low Code/No Code Platforms
  • Database Management Low Code/No Code Platforms
  • Integration Low Code/No Code Platforms
  • Niche Low Code/No Code Platforms: AI, IoT, Blockchain, and others
  • MVP & Continuous Change with Low Code/No Code
  • Low Code/No Code Reference Architectures
  • Conclusions & Where to Start

Unique Value of Course:

Low Code/No Code is one of the most critical application development trends for enterprises and startups. BPM model-driven development was its predecessor. Low Code/No Code is all about empowerment for business leaders and subject matter experts - Citizen Developers - and tremendous productivity gains for IT (technical) developers. The Low Code/No Code ecosystem is vast and confusing. This course will allow you to understand and prioritize the Low Code/No Code tools or platforms that best meet your innovation and productivity goals. Empowering Citizen Developers through this course will also help you change the application development culture within your organization.


  • Help leverage the key advantages of Low Code/No Code for business stakeholders (Citizen Developers)
  • Help leverage productivity enhancements for IT developers
  • Understand the leading tools and platforms of Low Code/No Code
  • Help understand and contrast "Low Code" vs. "No Code" - for developing enterprise applications
  • Have a good understanding of various Low Code/No Code categories (BPM, Database, Integration, Web, Mobile) for innovative and accelerated application development
  • Learn how to create and deploy Minimum Viable Products with Low Code/No Code

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO - or equivalent)
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • VP of Product Management
  • VP of Professional Services
  • VP of Enterprise Architecture
  • Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • VP of Development
  • Industry Principals / Subject Matter Experts
  • VP of Web & Mobile Application Development

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