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Topic Dates
Course Title Topics Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
BPM 101 BPM2/4-54/1-27/8-9 11/4-5
Process Modeling, Analysis and Design: As Is, To Be BPM2/11-124/8-97/15-16 11/11-12
Process Measurement and Metrics BPM2/19-205/6-77/22-23 12/2-3
Establishing Business Process Governance & Centers of Excellence BPM2/25-265/13-147/29-30 12/9-10
Process Modeling With BPMN BPM3/4-55/20-218/27-28 11/20-21
Methodologies and Approaches for BPM BPM3/11-125/28-6/298/19-20 12/4-5
Advanced Facilitation Skills BPM3/18-196/3-48/26-27 12/11-12
Organizational Change Management BPM3/25-266/10-119/9-10 12/16-17
Customer Experience Modeling, Analysis and Design BPM3/18-196/3-48/26-27 12/9-10
Agile Business Analysis 101 BPM2/44/17/8 10/7
The Agile Business Analyst BPM2/114/87/15 11/15
The Practice of Agile Business Analysis BPM2/19-205/28-297/22-23 10/21-22
OpEx 101 BPM2/21-225/8-97/24-25 10/23-24
Lean Six Sigma and BPM BPM2/25-265/13-147/29-30 10/28-29
Lean Tools in Action BPM3/4-55/20-218/5-6 11/4-5
OpEx Tools of the Trade BPM3/11-125/28-298/19-20 12/2-3
Decision Management and Business Rules 101 BPM3/6-75/22-238/7-8 11/6-7
Improving Decisions with Predictive Analytics BPM3/13-145/30-318/21-22 12/18-19
Decision Modeling With DMN BPM3/27-286/12-139/11-12 11/18-19
BA 101 BA2/6-74/3-47/10-11 10/9
Building a Business Architecture BA2/13-144/10-117/17-18 10/22-29
Launching Your Business Architecture Practice BA2/27
5/157/31-8/1 10/30
Establishing Business Architecture Governance and Centers of Excellence BA3/6-75/22-238/7-8 12/11
The Business Architecture Playbook BA3/13-145/30-318/21-22 12/18
Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment BA3/20-216/5-68/28-29 12/11-12
Digital Business 101 DBIZ2/6-74/3-47/10-11 10/9-10
Design Thinking Applied DBIZ2/13-144/10-117/17-18 11/17-18
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) DBIZ2/21-225/8-97/24-25 10/23-24
Digital Customer Experience DBIZ2/27-285/15-167/31-8/1 10/30-31
Roadmap for Digital Business Success BA    
Establish a Digital Center of Excellence BA    
Data Analytics 101 BA    
Statistics for Data Analytics BA    
Data Management and Data Governance BA    
Data Visualization BA    
Building Your Digital Business Ecosystem BA    
Adopting A Digital Business Culture BA    

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