Andrew Campbell



The Power of Stakeholder Analysis

Whether I am working on a single process or an operating model, I have found that stakeholder analysis is a good place to start. It is simple to do and often gives insights that are valuable both to the design work and to the transformation work.Take a page of paper or a flip chart, describe the...

The Role of Operations in Strategy

I recently enjoyed an article by Kevin Laczkowski and colleagues at McKinsey titled "Seeing your way to better strategy".  It argued for four lenses to help you "see your way" forward - Financial, Market, Competitor and Operating Model. The thought behind these lenses is that, by doing...

Comparing Agile with Cross-Functional Project Teams

For some time now, since a conference I ran in July on Agile and New Forms of Organization, I have been trying to get clear in my mind what the difference is between an “agile team” and a “cross-functional team”. Also, I recently participated in a cross-functional team looking at ways to...

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