Faun deHenry



Managing By Process: What Does It Really Mean?

Ask senior BPM professionals what “managing by process” means and you will receive a variety of responses.       “It becomes a strait jacket that inhibits improvement and innovation.”      “Most organizations don’t understand managing by process…they approach it...

Data without Process is Meaningless!

When you hear the terms “big data” or “analytics” what comes to mind? Do you think of technical experts pushing exabytes of data through an algorithm? Perhaps you think of marketing experts attempting to get answers about your company’s customers. No matter which scenario you think of, it is...

Houston, We Have A Problem: Why Effective Communication is a Key Component for BPM Efforts

Do you wonder why some BPM efforts seem to proceed more smoothly? Stakeholders have provided clear directions regarding improvements. The project manager has the pulse of all the activities happening on the project. The process owners and technical experts are collaborating and making changes to...

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