Jamie Cooke



What is Good Enough Agile Documentation?:The minimum requirements for every Agile project

There is a recurring myth in the IT industry that Agile projects do not require documentation, that giving stakeholders the opportunity to respond to fully functional software replaces that need altogether.  This perception (or, more accurately, this misperception) often stems from a...

Stop Trying to Be Agile: Agile is a process, not a goal

Agile has become an industry buzzword, a marketing term that organizations use to try to show that they are responsive to their clients and adaptive to industry changes.  In fact, the perception of being an Agile organization has such strong market value that claiming to be Agile often...

Maximizing the Value of Your Product Backlog (Part Two)

Valuating and prioritizing your features The Product Backlog is the heart of defining any Agile solution.  The requirements that are identified in the Product Backlog drive the priorities that the Agile development team works on, they establish the scope of the delivered solution, and...

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