Jamie Cooke



Maximizing the Value of Your Product Backlog (Part One): Gathering the full scope of requirements

The Product Backlog is the heart of defining any Agile solution.  The requirements that are identified in the Product Backlog drive the priorities that the Agile development team works on, they establish the scope of the delivered solution, and they ultimately determine the business value...

How to Be Agile in a Non Agile Organization (Part 2): Aligning Agile projects to corporate reporting structures

This is the second in a series of articles that will give you strategies for aligning your Agile work to your organizational structures.  The first article focused on delivering Agile projects within existing Project, Process and Quality Management frameworks. In this article, the focus is on...

How to Be Agile in a Non Agile Organization (Part 1):

Delivering Agile Projects within Structured Project, Process and Quality Management Frameworks The most important factor in successful Agile adoption (and expansion) is aligning it to the culture, standards and constraints of your organization.  Even the most effective Agile project work risks...

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